As a vital urban congregation, Zion Lutheran Church is a vibrant ministry with a simple and consistent message: “God in Christ loves us. That love changes everything about us. So we live and love to continue the ministry of Jesus.”

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Much of what we do invests in the spiritual growth of people who participate. We have education for all ages, special classes to teach spiritual practices for living (like Lectio Divina, contemplative prayer, labyrinth walking, Ignatian spirituality and more), and our worship life is focused on helping people not only learn about the ministry of Jesus, but also encounter Christ in our midst. The goal is to help all who participate see their whole lives as connected to the ongoing work of the risen Christ.

Zion is also focused on the community. Hot meals are served every Tuesday for local residents, community groups use the facility for all sorts of activities (we have 5 AA groups in the building), volunteers foster partnership with the neighboring elementary school and do one-on-one mentoring with kids, and we are known throughout the Elgin area as a leader in building bridges in the wider community.