Zion has been very intentional about studying, praying and discussing what God wants us to be doing as a congregation. It has been our commitment to not just be a typical church. Rather, we want to be a congregation that is meaningful for people who participate AND useful to God and God’s work in the world. To keep our selves focused, we have the following strategy:


We are grounded in Christ and sent to be a blessing.

Guiding Principles:

When we are at our best you will see us:

  1. Following Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  2. Watching for God in everyone we meet.
  3. Deepening our faith to strengthen our discipleship.
  4. Equipping everyone for the work of ministry.
  5. Serving gladly as the hands and voice of Jesus.
  6. Telling others about Jesus.
  7. Inviting all to join in God’s work.

Strategic Priorities:

To keep ourselves focused on the work God wants us to do, we have the following priorities for our ministry:

  1. Spiritual growth that equips us to live as followers of Jesus throughout the week.
  2. Caring Christian community that encourages supportive and authentic relationships within the life of the congregation.
  3. Building relationships with our neighbors in ways that create a visible and invitational presence.
  4. Service and justice that reflect God’s desires for social, economic and environmental wholeness – both locally and globally
  5. Encountering God in worship in ways that daily open us to the Spirit, inspire authentic praise, and strengthen our hearts for the days ahead.
  6. Engaging young people to reach out and support young adults and families with children.