The Importance of Invitation

Magnify the Lord

O magnify the Lord with me,
and let us exalt his name together. (Psalm 34:3)

The Psalmist can’t contain the excitement. Deep inside was a passion that demanded to be given voice and a desire for anyone and everyone who was within earshot to join in.

Faith is by nature invitational. We are called and claimed by a God who has come down to us, shared life with us and even died at our hands. That same God has been raised again and continues to come to us as the risen Christ, reminding us that even death can’t stop God from loving us. When we encounter such a God, like the Psalmist, there has to be a sense of awe and amazement. When that bubbles inside us with passion and energy it wants to find its way out. We long to not engage this God alone but to have others join us in celebrating what only God can do. So we are called to invite others to join in.

One of our guiding principles is that when you see us at our best you will see us “inviting all to join in God’s work.” God’s desire for the world to look like heaven extends beyond the church. But the church is called to be on the front lines of that work and to bear witness to the promise and the work of God. A key part of being in the church is our role as ambassadors for Christ, representing Jesus and his work to the world around us. And just as Jesus started his work by inviting the disciples to join in, we continue to the work of Jesus by inviting others to join in, too. A growing church has people who invite and even bring others to worship with us. The most effective congregations also have people invite people to join them in all sorts of things, from Sunday worship to service activities and excitement throughout the week.

So, as you reflect on the God who loves you and has claimed you in Christ, make time to take stock of all that God has done and all that God is doing. Let yourself be filled with awe and gratitude. Then invite someone you know to come to worship with you, join us as we work on a Habitat for Humanity house, help with Soup Kettle or some other way to connect them to something you think matters to both you and God. The resulting invitation may add another voice to the chorus of praises lifting up God and bring a smile to God’s face. It may allow someone you know to encounter the God we meet in Jesus and be amazed, too. That may be cause for celebration since faith prefers to not praise God alone, but invites others into the work and praise of a God who loves us and has shown us that love in the person of Jesus.

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