A Spirit for Today

To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.  (1 Corinthians 12:8)

As Lutherans, we don’t often think of ourselves as Spirit-filled people. We think the Pentecostals focus on that. But Paul is very clear, all of us who trust Christ have the Spirit – it’s the only way to believe in Jesus. And the Spirit manifests itself through each of us to do God’s work.

God does this because as the church, we are to continue to do the work of Christ. The risen Jesus has ascended so that the Spirit could descend and bring Christ’s presence to us. But this is no longer just in one place where Jesus once walked, but in all the places where faith receives Jesus and serves him as Lord and Savior.

And this is how God gets many of the things God wants done done. God uses the gifts of each of us to make a difference. When we share them and do so faithfully, it adds up to something amazing. Jesus’ work continues. We are right at the center of it. And we and the world are blessed as we do.

This is the message of Pentecost today. The Spirit didn’t just come one day 2000 years ago. The Spirit is still stirring the pot and working today. We are a Spirit-filled people!

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