Even Jesus Had Needs

Needs A

Pilate said to the crowd, “Here is your King!” They cried out, “Away with him! Away with him! Crucify him!” John 19:14-15

We are now at the point of the Lenten story where we will be giving more and more attention to Jesus going to the cross. It is a place where Jesus, who we think of as capable and powerful, exhibits weakness and neediness instead. Rather than gathering his followers or summoning legions of angels from heaven, Jesus succumbs to the power of this world. He is hung on the cross and hangs there helpless. The cross he had to carry was so heavy and he was so weak that he would eventually need help and a man named Simon from Cyrene would help him carry it. Eventually he will be hanging on that cross in need. Even his words from the cross, “I thirst,” will be a demonstration of just how needy he will eventually be.

Like Jesus, each of us has needs in our lives. This started with the first people and the story of Adam in the garden. We often think of Eden as “perfect” but God looks at the first person in the story and notes, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” Human beings have had needs from the very start! God coming in Christ is not apart from this. Jesus experiences need at the very deepest level.

This week in worship we will invite us to think about a couple of key needs that the church wants to help meet. These are not “problems” to be solved. They are part of being human and something that we all share. When we are at our best, needs bring us together and help us share life.

Here are two questions to reflect on before you come to worship Sunday:

  • What do you need from the church as a community of people to feel a sense of care and belonging here?
  • What do you need from your time at church to equip you and encourage you as you live out your faith during the week as a neighbor, worker, spouse, parent, child, citizen, etc.?

Jesus had needs and by the time of the crucifixion, these needs were plain and clear. You have needs as well. Reflect on these a bit before you come this week and then share how we can better care for and support each other.

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