God comes to us

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” John 1:14

American religion is filled with voices trying to convince us that it is our decision that determines our eternal destiny. Often called “decision theology,” it makes accepting Jesus sound like a choice that you must make. Fail to do so and eternity in hell is your destiny.

There are other voices from other traditions, with other ways to get to God. But often these voices have the same theme: there is something that you need to do to get right with God.

Contrast this with the biblical witness that Martin Luther found so enlightening and freeing. In so many places in the Bible the truth is simple. There is no way to God – period. And Luther found that freeing because he could stop trying to get to God and simply let go and God would come to him. There is no work to be done to get to God. God in Christ comes to us.

Once you encounter God in Christ, all sorts of things change. People often wonder if God has it in for them or if they have done something to make God angry. But meeting Christ means being introduced to grace embodied and a God of love.

These are the foundations of our faith. God comes to us in Jesus. The God we meet in Jesus loves us. Without these truths, there is nothing left of Christianity. But grounded in these simple things, the Christian faith is the most amazing gift and a life-changing way to live in the world.

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