To Hear God’s Voice


Long ago God spoke to our ancestors in many and various ways by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by a Son. (Hebrews 1:1-2a)

The Bible is clear that God speaks and is involved in our world in a variety of ways. From the very beginning God has been engaged in lovingly creating and blessing the world in which we live. Because human beings are such willful creatures, it has not always been easy. Many times the prophets referred to in the above quote brought words of frustration and anger from God as people fell short yet another time of the dream God has for our lives.

But the Bible is also clear that even though God has spoken and been involved in many ways in the world, we live in a time when we are blessed with the clearest word from God. The times in which we live are “these last days,” a phrase that has been overused by the hellfire and brimstone preachers to make people fear that the end is upon us. But the last days, which now have lasted over 2000 years, is the era of the ultimate word from God and that word is seen and heard in Jesus.

In short, if you want to know what God looks like, look at the life of Jesus. There you will see a God who is loving, sacrificial, focused on the kingdom of God, and willing to pay any price to make it happen. This even includes dying for the cause on a cross. If you want to hear what God sounds like, listen to Jesus. His teaching and preaching bring a word straight from the heart of God.

We don’t know how long the last days will last. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection usher in a way of life that is always alert and watching. While we trust that the future is on its way and is in God’s hands, we live each day with the urgency that comes with knowing that it may be our last. That means always watching for what God is up to and how it connects with our lives. And the best way to discern that – look at Jesus. No one will show you more clearly what God looks and sounds like.

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