Where is Your Treasure?

Treasure in Heaven

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21)

We often worry about WHAT we treasure. Are we focused on the right things or are we distracted by the wrong ones? This is a natural concern and one that all of us should pay attention to. It is easy to over focus on distractions and miss the essential. In fact, there are people and forces at work in the world that are working very hard to be sure we do. Most advertising is designed to make you want something you don’t need and somehow convince you that you really do need it!

At the same time, Jesus is also concerned with how we look at what we have. Who do we trust to care for it (and us)? Are we able to put our treasure in heaven and entrust it to God? Or are we unsure about things enough that we hedge our bets and refuse to put our treasure (whatever that is for us) in God’s hands?

Jesus knows, WHERE you put you treasure says as much about you as what that treasure is. You can treasure almost anything as long as you are truly able to entrust it to God. And you can value exactly the right thing and still be a mess if you aren’t able to put that treasure into the kingdom of heaven.

So, two questions come to mind? What do you treasure? Where do you keep your treasure?

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